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What is the Birding in Extremadura Club?

logo-clubThe Club is a voluntary group that brings together the public and private sectors to organise and develop the availability of services for birdwatchers in Extremadura and promote Extremadura as a birding destination, backed with quality services and based on principals of conserving birds and nature in general.

Backed by the Directorate General of Tourism for the Government of Extremadura and supported by other public bodies and business associations, it aims to promote the development of birdwatching tourism across the whole of Extremadura and meet the expectations of the visitors.

In the district of Miajadas-Trujillo, the following belong to the Club: ADICOMT, Trujillo Tourist Office, CR El Recuerdo, CR Finca Santa Marta, CR Las Canteras, HR Viña Las Torres, AR La Casa de Luis, Birding Extremadura and Birding Extremadura Center.

How does the Club work?

Voluntary: The partners in the Club participate freely and voluntarily, aware of the benefits of joint initiatives.

Rigorous: The product is required to meet certain standards and Partners are expected to meet and adhere to these to ensure customer satisfaction.

Cooperative and collaborative: The businesses that form the Club are part of a working network based on cooperation and collaboration, in which all partners put in resources, promotion and work and defend the interests of the Club as a whole, drawing on common benefits. With this way of working there are benefits that arise from participation.

Differentiation: The businesses and other services that form part of the Club differentiate themselves from others who are outside this initiative. Only Club partners can display the name and logo of the Club.

Commitment: All partners of the Club pay a fee which contributes to the objectives and activities of the Club. All partners participate in different activities to promote the Club and all collaborate as well in promotional activities backed by the Club.

Benefits: The partners of the Club draw benefits derived from the promotional activities and support in marketing.

Types of partner

  1. Local organisations and agencies developing tourism
  2. Specialised accommodaton
  3. Birding businesses and guides
  4. Specialised travel agencies
  5. Interpretation Centres
  6. Tourist Offices

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