PIO 8.- Trujillo Bull Ring

Trujillo Bull Ring (Trujillo Lesser Kestrel colony SPA)


The PIO lies on the outskirts of Trujillo, on a section of the drovers’ trail Cañada Real del Puerto de Miravete. This is a transition area from the urban environment to the granite outcrops surrounding the town, the “Berrocal”. It may appear at first glance not a good place for birdwatching, it is actually of the most visited spots in the district, the ease by which one can watch in spring and summer the Lesser Kestrels here is difficult to match elsewhere in Extremadura.

More about the Trujillo Lesser Kestrel colony SPA

Additional Information:

This PIO lies inside Trujillo, close to the road leaving for Guadalupe.
1.- From the centre of Trujillo, we head east, to reach the Guadalupe road (EX-208).
2.- From elsewhere in the district, the easiest is to arrive via the motorway A-5, taking the 253 exit in the direction of Trujillo, and about 800 metres from the exit is the site.
Parking options
There is ample parking from where we can watch the Lesser Kestrels. There is room for several vehicles, including minivans.
Recommended season
Spring and summer are when the Lesser Kestrels are present.
Interesting species present
The main attraction is obviously the Lesser Kestrels (there are about 30 pairs in this colony). However, other possibilities include overflying raptors such as Black Kite and Booted Eagle, as well as Griffon Vulture. It is also easy to see Jackdaws.
Options for short walks in the vicinity
For those who wish to see a bit more of this area, there is a route from the Bull Ring to the River Magasca (Almonte River System SPA) across the granite outcrops. Walk on the Ronda de Toros to the San Lazaro Park and the silos (another good place to see Lesser Kestrel) and between the silos and the petrol station on the old N-V road there is a walking route indicated PR-CC 238 “Entre Puentes, Llanos y Berrocal”. The circular route is about 12 km, or it is possible to do a section (there and back 10 km) to the River Magasca bridge (see track).

Location on the map:

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