PIO 16.- The Majadas Altas pools

The Majadas Altas pools


The pseudo steppe surroundings (within the Zorita Plains and Sierra Brava Reservoir SPA) is enriched at this PIO by a series of pools that differentiate this site from the general area. Thus the PIO gives the opportunity to encounter in one area species associated with small water bodies as well as those of grazing pasture. If the site is combined with the recommended walk when we are sure that this visit will easily meet your expectations in terms of diversity of species encountered.

Additional Information:

This PIO is located at a fork in tracks just a few metres before the entrance of the Cortijo de Majadas Altas (Campo Lugar).
From Campo Lugar, we take the EX-354 which passes through the village heading for Villanueva de la Serena and just as we leave the village (at kilometre point 19.3) we turn left onto a metalled track that takes us to the EX-355. After just 1.2 km, at a right-angled curve we take the track which reaches the PIO after two kilometres.
Parking options
It is not a difficult place to park. The track is good but take care during rainy periods.
Recommended season
All year long (take care during periods of hunting).
Interesting species present
EThe main interest here are the winter concentrations of duck (Common Teal and Shoveler). But given the site’s location, we can also enjoy a whole series of birds associated with the pseudo steppe habitat, including Great Bustard, as well as Spanish Sparrow, Azure-winged Magpie etc.
Options for short walks in the vicinity
We recommend walking part of the hiking trail PR-CC 237 “Llanos, toros y grullas” (see track), a circular route of at least 7 kilometres.

Location on the map:

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