PIO 6.- The Leonesa drovers’ trail at Escurial

The Leonesa drovers’ trail at Escurial


This is more of a route rather than a single site. Although three points of interest are given, it is recommended to make the route from the EX-102 to the Orellana canal. It is a route that takes one into a typical dehesa, an arable plain and ends in the intensive irrigated lands developed by Plan Badajoz. Three different landscapes within a short distance along a traditional drovers’ trail: the Cañada Real Leonesa. The chance of seeing birds associated with each of these three habitats is one of the most attractive features of this short walk.

Additional Information:

The points are located along a section of the drovers’ trail that divides the municipalities of Escurial and Campo Lugar.
From Escurial take the EX102 in the direction of Alcollarín and take a track to the right just before the cattle feedlot which is at kilometre point 8.5.
Parking options
These are points that offer space for parking. With a minivan it is important to ensure that farm traffic can pass.
Recommended season
All year round.
Interesting species present
Given the mix between such different habitats, one can see, depending on the time of year: Great Bustard, Little Bustard, Stone Curlew, Lesser Kestrel, Montagu’s, Marsh and Hen Harrier, Common Crane, Collared Pratincole, Black-winged Kite, Azure-winged Magpie, Golden Oriole etc.
Options for short walks in the vicinity
We recommend the walk suggested (about 5 kilometres). (see track).

Location on the map:

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