PIO 2.- Puente Mocha Trail

Puente Mocha Trail


This lies in the municipality of Trujillo. The PIO’s surroundings, like that of the PIO Cerralbos Track (SPA Magasca), is made up mainly of great expanses of plains, mainly used as grazing for cattle and sheep. There are also more cereal fields present than in the previous PIO, which is largely grazing land.

As with the previous PIO, these extensive pseudo steppes form part of the Magasca Special Protection Area for birds. This site lies on the northern edge of the protected area. Its rather treeless landscape is dotted by small clumps of Eucalyptus.

More about the Magasca SPA

Additional Information:

This PIO lies on the Trujillo-Monroy road (CC-128) at 11.5 km from the junction with the EX-208. There is a section of old road on the outside of the bend here which allows us to park safely without obstructing traffic.

From Trujillo take the EX-208 in the direction of Monfragüe and then turn onto the Monroy road (CC-128). The PIO lies about 16.5 km from Trujillo. From the PIO Cerralbos Track (Magasca SPA), continue to Santa Marta de Magasca and from there take the road north that leads to the CC-128. At the junction we take the right turn for Trujillo and after 7 km arrive at the PIO.

Parking options
As described in the section about locality, it is a perfect place to park up to several cars. It is also accessible by minibus, as it is a section of old road.

Recommended season
All year round

Interesting species present
Being more arable than other parts of these plains, it is a good area for watching Montagu´s Harriers in spring and summer, as well as its attractive cousin the Hen Harrier in winter. The typical Extremadura pseudo steppe species are present: Great Bustard, Little Bustard, Roller etc., along with in the winter species like Golden Plover, Lapwing and Skylark. Other species that can be found, depending on the time of year, include Griffon and Black Vultures, Golden Eagle, Short-toed Eagle, Red and Black Kite, White Stork and sometimes Black Stork, using the river valleys.

Options for short walks in the vicinity
The nearby Puente Mocha drovers’ trail allows us to take a walk to enjoy both the colours and sounds of these plains. We suggest a linear walk of about two kilometres to the edge of the SPA (see the track on the map).

Location on the map:

Download KML Download short walk KML

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