PIO 21.- Pizarro irrigated lands

Pizarro irrigated lands


We are surrounded by irrigated areas created by the Plan Badajoz, towards its eastern edge. The Orellana Canal which supplies water to this zone is very close to the PIO. It is an intensively cultivated zone, mainly of rice, maize, tomatoes and fruit. It is the rice and maize which provides the birding interest, especially in winter, where a great variety of species can be found in the stubble fields. The selected point is random, given that with agricultural activities there will cause some variation in the best places to watch from year to year. It is the overall area that is of great interest.

Additional Information:

The PIO is located just 1.5 km from the village of Pizarro.
From Pizarro: we take as the reference point the last street of the village to the west. Once there, we take this northwards and after 1.5 km we reach the point.
From Miajadas: we take the road to Casa de Miajadas and after passing through the village continue in the direction of Puebla de Alcollarín (EX-354). Having crossed the Alcollarín River, after 650 metres we take the track to the left. From here the PIO is about six kilometres, through interesting habitat.
Parking options
It is a good place to park the vehicle. With a minivan it is important to ensure that farm traffic can pass.
Recommended season
Mainly autumn and winter.
Interesting species present
We are highlighting the birds that use these irrigated fields during the winter. Common Cranes, Dunlin, Little Stint, Kentish Plover, Common Redshank, Black-winged Stilts etc). We can also add interesting small birds such as Reed Bunting or Bluethroat in winter and exotics such as Common Waxbill and Red Avadavat all year round. Other species include Collared Pratincole (summer visitor), and Marsh Harrier.
Options for short walks in the vicinity
We recommend walking from Pizarro to the bridge over the River Alcollarín (to the north), from Pizarro to the road between Casar de Miajadas and Puebla de Alcollarín to the south, or both (about 8 kilometres). (see track).

Location on the map:

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