PIO 10.- Pizarro-Carvajal Palace in Alcollarín

Pizarro-Carvajal Palace in Alcollarín


PIO is a historic building, sadly in ruins, on the outskirts of the town, close to the Alcollarín River. Nearby are small vegetable gardens and olive groves. The building was constructed in the 16th century and together with the church of Santa Catalina are the two most notable parts of the town. At both we can find several species and enjoy good observations, especially of Lesser Kestrel.

Additional Information:

This PIO is in the town of Alcollarín. It is the old palace of Pizarro-Carvajal and its surroundings.
From the Plaza de España in Alcollarín.
Parking options
There is no problema parking in the town.
Recommended season
Spring and summer.
Interesting species present
The main interest is the Lesser Kestrel colony which it holds. But as well as these small falcons, it is a good place to watch White Stork, Jackdaw and Red-rumped Swallow. The surrounding olive groves have always been a good area to see or hear Red-necked Nightjars. The recent construction of the Alcollarín reservoir has reduced the area of suitable habitat, so that if you do not have luck with the nightjars, we also suggest Route 1 below.
Options for short walks in the vicinity
1.- We recommend a walk on the metalled road towards Campo Lugar (the walk beside the cemetery). It comes out into a landscape of pseudo steppe, but also before reaching Campo Lugar there are olive groves close to the river. On this walk, as well as seeing hunting Lesser Kestrels, we can delight in the summer sound of Red-necked Nightjars.
2.- Walk around the Palace (see track). Leaving the Plaza and returning to it, in a bit more than 600 metres we can enjoy this area.

Location on the map:

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