PIO 4.- La Cumbre – Ibahernando road

La Cumbre – Ibahernando road(Trujillo Plains SPA)


The PIOs described enable us to enjoy one of the other main areas of pseudo steppe in the district. It is open-country with pasture and cereal fields. Although from these sites it is not possible to access them, this area is crossed by the rivers Magasca, Magasquilla (a tributary of the former) and the Gibranzos. All are seasonal rivers, experiencing long dry periods, and all part of the Almonte watershed.

The main land use is livestock rearing: sheep and cattle, although there are areas of cereal production. It is an area ideal for species adapted to this pseudo steppe landscape.

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Additional Information:

Here instead of highlighting one PIO, we will cover a route with three PIOs. With these we propose crossing the heart of the Trujillo Plains SPA in an easy and comfortable fashion. We will take the road between La Cumbre and Ibahernando (CC-V-57).
1.- From La Cumbre this road leaves the EX-381 which runs through the village (at approximately kilometre point 9.9)
2.- From Ibahernando take the road to Trujillo (CC-50) and after a little less than 2 kilometres take a left turn which is the road for La Cumbre.
Parking options
The three selected sites provide adequate parking for at least one vehicle. At the first of these (starting from La Cumbre) there is room for several vehicles, including a minibus.
Recommended season
All year round.
Interesting species present
With the pseudo steppe nature of the landscape here, these sites offer us the chance to see species like Great Bustard, Little Bustard, Montagu’s Harrier, Calandra Lark, Crested Lark and Roller, typical of this habitat. Large raptors (above all Griffon and Black Vultures) and medium-sized species such as Black Kite or Short-toed Eagle are not unusual here.
Options for short walks in the vicinity
1.- The first PIO starting from La Cumbre (at 2.3 km from La Cumbre in the direction of Ibahernando) is at the drovers’ trail which runs from Montánchez to Trujillo. This site, as well as offering good parking, gives us the chance for a long walk along this trail, in either direction. Towards the north-east (heading for Trujillo) one can reach the River Magasquilla after two kilometres. In the other direction (towards Montánchez) in scarcely three kilometres we reach the banks of the Gibranzos.
2.- The third site is at 6.7 km from La Cumbre, at the edge of a ruined farmhouse. Here we can leave the car for a short period and walk a few metres to the south-west.
In addition we can take advantage of the routes that are marked in both La Cumbre (SL-CC 250 “The meander of the Gibranzos”) and Ibahernando (SL-CC 252 “Los Tesoritos”).

Location on the map:

Download PIO KMLDownload short walk La Cumbre KML Download short walk Ibahernando KML

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