PIO 3.- Finca Doña Catalina

Finca Doña Catalina (Magasca SPA)


This PIO lies at the border of the Trujillo municipality with that of La Aldea del Obispo. It is within the Magasca Special Protection Area for birds. In contrast with the other two PIOs that lie in this protected area, here there are more trees. The open pastures and arable fields are alongside dehesa means that this site is a transition zone between these two habitats. Thus the birdlife has flavours of both. In this site, like that of the Puente Mocha Trail PIO, this is at the northern edge of the protected area.

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Additional Information:

This PIO is reached by the metalled road between La Aldea del Obispo and the Monroy road (CC-128) and is a kilometre from the CC-128 and barely 4 km from La Aldea del Obispo.
1.- From Trujillo take the EX208 in the direction to Monfragüe and then turn left on to the Monroy road (CC-128). At 8.7 km on this road there is a right turn that will take us to the point in about one kilometre. The PIO is about 15 km from Trujillo.
2.- From Aldea del Obispo take the metalled road to the Monroy road. The PIO is about four kilometres along this road.
3.- From the Puente Mocha Trail PIO (SPA Magasca) take the CC-128 road in the direction of Trujillo for about three kilometres, where there is a left turn onto a metalled road leading to La Aldea del Obispo. After a kilometre we reach the PIO (the two sites are four kilometres apart).
Parking options
The site is a wide junction of lanes with little traffic, so it is easy to park here without causing any difficulty. It can hold several cars and is also an accessible place for a minibus.
Recommended season
All year round
Interesting species present
Although it is on the edge of open dehesa, it is nevertheless a great place to see the lord of the pseudo steppe areas, the Great Bustard. It is also good for seeing (and hearing the loud calls of) Great Spotted Cuckoo. It is easy to see species like Griffon, Black and Egyptian Vultures, Golden Eagle, Red and Black Kite, Booted and Short-toed Eagles, as well as Montagu’s Harrier.
Options for short walks in the vicinity
The PIO is at a cross-roads and we recommend short walks along any of the four lanes/tracks radiating from this point (for example towards the west on the Barranquillo path, which joins the Puente Mocha trail, or north towards the Palace of Doña Catalina.

Location on the map:

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