PIO 11.- Cerro San Gregorio

Cerro San Gregorio


This point is different from the overall approach we have taken for the PIOs. This is due to how to reach it. All of the PIOs are characterised by their easy access, in this case getting to the village of Santa Cruz de la Sierra is easy enough, but from this point there is good hike to the summit. This entails a walk of about two kilometres to reach the height of a bit more than 800 metres above sea level where we have located this PIO. The peak acts like a montane island in the centre of the district from which as well as watching birds, we can get a spectacular view across the whole of the ADICOMT territory.  We propose this effort to climb the 800 metres for those able to do so for the wonderful surprise that will be your reward in terms of the stunning views.



Additional Information:

As we have said, this is a PIO with a difference. Access is by a hiking route from the square of Santa Criz de la Sierra, where it is easy to park.
From Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
Parking options
The walk is an ascent of two kilometres in length, with easy parking in the square of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (indeed there is ample space for minibuses).
Recommended season
All year round.
Interesting species present
The walk starts in the village and ends at the rocky summit. Along the way we pass through different belts of vegetation: woodland, scrub etc. This means there is an interesting variety of birds. We can easily see Griffon Vulture, Red Kite, Black Kite, Booted Eagle…as well as no less spectacular species such as Great and Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers, Hoopoe, Bee-eaters,  Rock Bunting and a multitude of other small birds such as warblers, Woodlark etc.
Options for short walks in the vicinity
1.- As we have mentioned. it is necessary to reach this point by a hiking route which starts in the square of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Location on the map:

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