PIO 7.- Belén-Torrecillas Plains

Belén-Torrecillas Plains


The PIO is situated in a typical treeless plain, dedicated to grazing and winter cereals. It is another of the pseudo steppe areas in the district together with the Zorita Plains, the Trujillo Plains and the Magasca Plains. Although the site is not within a designated protected area, it is one of the most visited for steppe species. The fact that it is not protected does not devalue its importance for birds. It lies with the Important Bird Area IBA 296 Trujillo-Torrecillas de la Tiesa.

Additional Information:

The PIO is located where the metalled track that leaves the village of Belén to the Torrecillas de la Tiesa-Aldeacentenera (CC-23.3) road meets the drovers’ trail cordel de Torrecillas de la Tiesa (at about 7.5 km from Belén in the direction to Torrecillas).
From Trujillo we take the road to Belén and from there the metalled track that crosses the plains to meet the CC-23.3.
Parking options
If we leave the track and turn left (in the direction Belén-Torrecillas) onto the trail, we can easily park vehicles, including minivans.
Recommended season
All year round.
Interesting species present
Without doubt the steppe species are the most outstanding of this area. These include Great Bustard, Little Bustard, Montagu’s Harrier etc. We can also add a variety of raptors, such as vultures that look for food in this livestock rearing area (Griffon, Black and Egyptian Vultures).
Options for short walks in the vicinity
From the point where the track crosses the drovers’ trail we can take two walks of about two kilometres in either direction along the trail. The section northwards is a dirt trail, whilst that to the south has a tarmacked section until it arrives at a small dam.

Location on the map:

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