PIO 14.- River Almonte II

River Almonte II

1This PIO is a perfect spot to enjoy nature beside the River Almonte, an excellent example of the deep valleys typical of the water courses draining the Trujillo-Cáceres plains. The steep sides form the “Ribero” habitat where the vegetation is quite different from the plains it has cut through. But it is not just the vegetation that is of interest, its animals, especially birds are of considerable value to this protected area and without doubt a great attraction for spending time here.

Additional Information:

This site is located where the River Almonte is crossed by the Trujillo-Monroy road (CC-128).
From Trujillo we take the road to Monfragüe (EX-208). After five kilometres we turn onto the road to Monroy (CC-128). We do not leave this road, crossing a good part of the municipality of Trujillo, until it reaches the River Almonte (after 36 km), in total 41 km from Trujillo.
Parking options
It has good parking, including for minivans.
Recommended season
All year round.
Interesting species present
These deep valleys are good places to enjoy watching the raptors typical of the district. In addition we can see aquatic species such as Grey Heron, Great Cormorant etc, as well as many small birds such as Crag Martin, Red-rumped Swallow, Blue Rock Thrush etc.
Options for short walks in the vicinity
From this point we can recommend a couple of short walks. One is along the right bank, upstream to an old water mill and the other is along the left bank downstream. In addition, we suggest a couple of stops during the journey to or from the Almonte, The first is to take the CC-128 in the direction of Trujillo, a little more than 3 km where we meet the drovers’ trail the Cordel de las Puente de San Francisco. We turn right onto the trail and we can take a short walk enjoying the birdlife of this steppe habitat such as Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Montagu’s Harrier, larks etc. The other is some 12.5 km from the river towards Trujillo, on the drovers’ trail the Cañada de la Punte Mocha, where it runs parallel to the CC-128, giving a welcome opportunity to stretch one’s legs whilst enjoying the area. For parking we recommend stopping at kilometre point 24 along the road.

Location on the map:

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