PIOs – Points of Ornithological Interest

Definition of “PIOs (Points of Ornithological Interest)”

puntos-interes-ornitológicoThese are sites that are noteworthy in the district from the birding point of view. Here we aim to indicate the places which are high quality birdwatching areas. This is based on both the presence of species of interest as well as easy access for visitors (Except the PIO 11 “Cerro de San Gregorio” accessed after traveling a path of 2 km.). In the Miajadas-Trujillo territory there are many other places that are not described here that may well offer as much interest due to the species present but are not suitable for inclusion for various reasons which may include: difficult access, sensitive areas not suitable to visit without an expert guide etc.

These PIOs are referenced geographically by a point, or several points clustered, although in most examples it is recommended to explore through short walks the general area there to enjoy these sites within the district of Miajadas-Trujillo, all exemplary for watching and listiening to birds.

PIOs-Points of Ornithological Interest

Location map of the PIOs

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