Natura 2000

Natura 2000


One way to explore the natural wealth, and in particular the bird life, of the territory is to look at the different protected areas present. We will focus on the Natura 2000 network coverage in the Miajadas-Trujillo district, but without overlooking other levels of protection present in parts of the territory. First we must highlight the figure of the Monfragüe Biosphere Reserve (in the UNESCO Man and Biosphere programme). In this case this figure covers an area of 116,160 ha. Just across the river Almonte will be enjoying this protection with a wealth of spectacular birds.

Now we can briefly describe the different areas that comprise the Natura 2000 network: SCI (Site of Community Interest) and SPA (Special Protection Area for Birds).

Sites of Community Interest (SCI):

The Sites of Community Interest are places that make an appreciable contribution to the maintenance or restoration of a habitat type listed in Annex I of the Directive 92/43/CEE or of a species listed in Annex II, to a favourable conservation status. The Miajadas-Trujillo district has two SCIs:

1.- The Almonte River
2.- The Sierra de Cabezas de Águila

Map of the SCI:

Special Protection Areas for birds (SPA):

The Special Protection Areas for birds (SPA)are declared through the application of Directive 79/409/CEE in relation to the conservation of wild birds and in the Miajadas-Trujillo district there are wholly or partly present the following:

1.- Rice fields of Palazuelo and Guadalperales 
2.- Trujillo Lesser Kestrel colony
3.- Plains of Trujillo
4.- Plains of Zorita and Sierra Brava Reservoir
6.-Almonte River system
7.- La Torre Pool  

Map of the SPA:

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