IBAs – Important Bird Area

IBAs – Important Bird Area


Another way of mapping the territory from an ornithological point of view is through IBAs. Spain is one of the European countries with the largest number of IBAs as well as the greatest area of its land mass covered by them.

IBAs cover almost 75% of Extremadura, and there is no other region in Europe with such a high coverage. The Miajadas-Trujillo district similarly has IBAs covering no less than 77% of its area.

Map of the IBAs:

IBA-284 Sierra de Pela-Orellana Reservoir-Zorita.

This huge IBA (more than 145,000 ha) has its north-western part within the Miajadas-Trujillo district (with a large part of the municipalities of Alcollarín, Campo Lugar and Zorita). This part of the IBA combines, as well as the medium-sized Sierra Brava Reservoir, dehesas, pseudo steppe areas, arable land and irrigated zones (mainly rice and maize, which in winter become an important area for some waders and waterfowl).

We highlight in this area the Sierra Brava Reservoir, probably one of the most important wintering areas for birds in the interior of Spain.

IBA-286 Valdehornillos-Santa Amalia.

The irrigated zones of Alonso de Ojeda, Miajadas, Casar de Miajadas and Pizarro form part of this IBA which then extends up to the boundary of the province of Badajoz (in total the IBA covers more than 27,000 ha). The increase in the production of rice has made this area one of the best places to enjoy watching wintering cranes and passage and wintering waders, Marsh Harriers etc.

IBA-295 Plains between Cáceres and Trujillo-Aldea del Cano.

With more than 100.000 ha of this IBA, only the extreme western part of the Trujillo municipality enters it. In general it is open country with a mosaic of pasture and arable, with belts of dehesa and the Almonte river system, which hosts many rocky steep valley sides.

IBA-296 Trujillo-Torrecillas de la Tiesa.

This is the only IBA which lies wholly within the district. Trujillo, Torrecillas de la Tiesa, La Aldea del Obispo, La Cumbre, Madroñera, Ibahernando, Herguijuela and Santa Cruz de la Sierra have to a greater or lesser extent areas within this IBA). It has more than 110,000 ha of extensive plains surrounding Trujillo. It is dominated by holm oak dehesa and pasture, although there are some arable fields.

IBA-297 Villuercas Mountains.

Of the 195,000 ha total for this extensive mountainous zone, a small part lies within the most eastern part of the Miajadas-Trujillo district, namely Garciaz, which lies wholly within this IBA, as well as parts of Herguijuela, Madroñera, Conquista de la Sierra and Zorita. This is an area dominated by deciduous oakwoods and sweet chestnut, ecosystems which are quite different for those of most of the territory. It is a zone of higher elevation (above 1000 metres at some points.

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