Bird of Prey route

This route allows us to enjoy a variety of landscapes. It is a mosaic composed of olive groves, small fields, pastures and woodland of different types. It is an important area for birds of prey, such as Short-toed Eagle, Booted Eagle, Black Kite, Red Kite and vultures. Furthermore in the more gentle areas one can find Azure-winged Magpies, Woodchat Shrike, Bee-eater and Hoopoes, as well as a good range of small birds such as Hawfinch, Melodious Warbler, thrushes,….Although the route starts and passes through much dehesa, it takes us up to the slopes of the Villuercas Mountains. Garciaz is a municipality that is characteristic of this zone, with deciduous trees and conifer woods. Thus this part of the route will enable us to see species associated with this type of forest, adding to the overall species list that can be expected.

Additional Information of the route:

Description of the route

We leave Trujillo on the road to Guadalupe, for about ten kilometres and then turn left to enter the town of Madroñera, where there is a right turn sign-posted for Garciaz. Once in Garciaz, we take the road to Conquista de la Sierra and from there, turn right back onto the Trujillo-Guadalupe road, in the direction of Herguijuela. We pass through this village and continue back to Trujillo.
Interesting attractions

In Madroñera the parish church of the Pure Conception (16th Century) and the Palace of the Santa Cruz (also 16th Century). Garciaz offers us the chance to visit the 15th Century parish church and the Shrine of Caridad (16th Century). Conquista de la Sierra was called La Zarza through to 1629. It changed its name because of its links with the Pizarro family and there is a palace that belongs to that family, built in the 16th Century, and today standing as a ruin, with only the tower conserved. . There is also a 16th Century church. Other attractions of the route include the Church of San Bartolomé in Herguijuela and the winery of Las Granadas. As well as the cultural and historic heritage, in autumn these lands also offer us wonderful walks when we can enjoy the sight of autumn produce: strawberry trees, sweet chestnuts and a great variety of fungi.

Map of the route:

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