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Como verlasOne can go birdwatching in the district of Miajadas-Trujillo in many different ways: alone, in a group, accompanied by a specialized guide, with lots of specific equipment or none at all.

Any of these ways of enjoying birds will be rewarding in Miajadas-Trujillo. In this territory, with decades of experience as a place for birdwatching, we have many different options. In other sections the enormous wealth of birds here is described. Here we want to provide advice to those planning a visit, if you are not choosing to go with one of the excellent specialised guides we have.

We present a small help in the form of routes that can be done by car, a network of spots of birding interest and short walks for those who want to explore the ornithological wealth of the district independently. It is, as stated, a help, since we strongly encourage those who want to get a wider and more detailed knowledge of the area and its birds to be accompanied by one of the great guides that work here, or get advice from one of the specialised accommodation establishments, some indeed which are run by birders. Many of our businesses are members of the product club “Birding in Extremadura”.


Birding routes

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Birding walks

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